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How to Treat Tonsil Stones

There are several ways in which to treat tonsil stones and the appropriate option usually depends on their size and severity. Tonsil stones can vary greatly in size as well as in the accompanying symptoms. Although there are more natural remedies available it is always best to seek medical advice as soon as you suspect you have tonsil stones. A professional opinion and examination with not only confirm the correct diagnosis but it will also eliminate the worry of having something much more serious. In those cases […]

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10 Tips to Have Fresh Breath

1) Keep your tongue clean: Gently brush it with a soft nylon toothbrush after you brush your teeth. 2) Drink More Water!: The drier your mouth, the worse your breath gets 3) Keep Calm: Stress makes your breath worse! 4) Avoid breath mints and/or gum that contain sugar: These actually make your breath worse 5) Don’t try to kill the odor of bad breath with another odor: This is what most of the “Big Name” oral care companies would like you to believe works 6) Blow your […]

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